We are Cook Street

Based in the Cook Street area of Victoria, Cook Street United FC is a soccer club designed for those that want to play games with people they like. We’re a group of dudes that enjoy the casual, friendly culture of soccer just as much as we like winning games. Newcomers to Canada are especially welcome. 

Learn about the club

Small World Soccer
“Unashamedly more modern, but still retaining that classy ostentation associated with island soccer. The peacock was an obvious candidate to capture that spirit.’

Canadian Soccer Archives
“Players hail from over a dozen different countries including the UK, Australia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Serbia..Many were happy to be part of something special even if it meant getting less playing time”

Protagonist Soccer
“The club was originally conceived as a project to create a place where the joy of off-field camaraderie could be combined with on-field competitive excellence.”

Become a Peacock member

For just 9 cents a day, you can join the Cook Street fan club. Members are not only supporting grassroots soccer, but also get bags of discounts at restaurants, entertainment and bars. Peacocks also get cheaper prices at our club shop and are automatically entered into seasonal competitions to win free stuff, like jerseys and peacock swag. 

The best team in the league. The best sponsors in the country.

Our latest match

“This eventually led to a sumptuous second goal, with Kale Haley and Prish De Mel combining elegantly in the middle to set up Eli Fullaway for his third of the season in a beautiful flowing move.”

Upcoming games

We’re very excited that the 2021/2022 season is about to begin. Check out our fixtures fo the upcoming season to find out when we’re next playing.

Meet the squad