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About the peacocks

A different kind of football club

The club was founded by players that wanted to compete every weekend, with people they enjoyed playing with. Cook Street operates two teams competing in the VISL and has big ambitions for success - both on the field and off it. We try our best to build a culture that’s welcoming, inclusive and competitive – with a particular focus on newcomers to Canada. Our squad includes players from more than 20 different countries, many of who have moved to the island within the past year or two.

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club philosphy

peacock values

Being a part of the Cook Street community means more than just playing football with talent and enthusiasm. It is also about being a decent human being. We welcome people from all backgrounds and embrace the diversity of cultures we have here in BC, and try our best to live and breathe the values that matter most.

Win every game
We’re here to compete and the approach to every single game is to come away with a win.

The team before the player
The group is more important than the individual. Fight for each other, not yourselves.

Communicate often and effectively
Speak kindly and often. Tell teammates what you need to succeed, not what they did wrong.

Friends on and off the field
There’s a strict ‘no dickheads’ policy. Time in the pub and after the game should be as fun as the match is.

donating to good causes

Scoring goals & raising money

The club is involved with a variety of charitable causes, from raising money for mental health to gathering food for those most in need. Notably, the club has partnered with players to contribute towards the Victoria Sexual Assault Center, with financial donations made for every goal scored throughout the season - with a bonus $100 for certain players banging one in. Cook Street has proudly raised thousands of dollars since its founding in 2020.

United as one

competitive play

United and soul

Cook Street United is the club's original team, which has fought its way through two promotions to currently compete in the VISL division 3. In 2022, Cook Street Soul was founded to take the club to over 50 players across two divisions. Within its first season, Soul had earned entry into division 4 and to the final of the JV Barnes Trophy.

Each team has its own unique coaching, style of play and culture, but are forged from the same peacock feather - enjoying joint events, training sessions and incredible cross-team support each weekend.

The squad

Players that are not originally from BC or Vancouver Island
Players originally from overseas
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