About the club

Our club was founded by players that wanted to compete every weekend, with people they enjoyed playing with. Cook Street operates a strict ‘no dickheads’ policy, no matter how good at football you are. We try our best to build a culture that’s welcoming, inclusive and competitive – with a particular focus on newcomers to Canada. Our squad includes players from 13 different countries, many of who have moved here within the past year or two.

Club values

Win every game 
We’re here to compete and the approach to every single game is to come away with a win. 

The team before the player 
The group is more important than the individual. Fight for each other, not yourselves. 

Communicate often and effectively 
Speak kindly and often. Tell teammates what you need to succeed, not what they did wrong. 

Friends on and off the field 
There’s a strict ‘no dickheads’ policy. Time in the pub and after the game should be as fun as the match is.

Made in Victoria

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